Member awards

Beginning in 2008, Tri gulf Coast began to recognize members who had distinguished themselves as an exceptional part of our community with annual awards. This started with Athlete of the year, and over time has expanded to include the categories described below. We take great pride in our entire membership, so being recognized by the club as an exceptional person in an already exceptional group is an honor indeed!

TGC Awards through 2015. Click to enlarge.

Male/Female Athlete of the Year

John Fitzgerald Accepting the award for Amy Simonetta
Patrick Wilkes accepting the award for Aaron Widman

This award recognizes a TGC member who has not only excelled in the sport, but also has distinguished themselves by their efforts to give back to the the sport and to promote triathlon. Beginning in 2015 we began presenting this award to both a male and female. Prior to that we presented one award per year.

Award winners, past and present:

  • Female
    • 2016 – Amy Simonetta
    • 2015 – Jeannie Runyon
    • 2012 – Mindi Straw
    • 2009 – Jules Kariher
  • Male
    • 2016 – Aaron Widman
    • 2015 – Doug Jones
    • 2014 – Chris Hicks
    • 2013 – Kevin Swenson
    • 2011 – Evan Malone
    • 2010 – Andrew Rothfeder
    • 2008 – Mark Sortino
Aaron Widman
Amy Simonetta

Male/Female Rookie of the Year

Kirwan Price and Gabriella Gasque present the Male Rookie of the Year Award to Gary James
Kirwan Price presents the female Rookie of the year award to Karen Longoria

This award recognizes a member who has entered the sport the same year of the award and truly embraced it and shown great gains. This award exemplifies how Tri Gulf coast has always had a strong focus on welcoming new athletes to the sport and encouraging their progress. We award one male and one female each season.

Award winners, past and present:

  • Female
    • 2016 – Karen Longoria
    • 2015 – Christine Sternjacob
    • 2014 – Jackie Kozakowsi
    • 2013 – Jessica Bradley
    • 2012 – Sara Stackpole
    • 2011 – Dawn van den Berg
  • Male
    • 2016 – Gary James
    • 2015 – Robbie Baker
    • 2014 – Mark Prack
    • 2013 – Aaron Runyon
    • 2012 – Jason Vaughn
    • 2011 – Perry Palmer

Charlie Knight Volunteer of the Year Award

John Fitzgerald presents the Volunteer of the Year Award to Amanda Longoria

Tri Gulf coast is a 100% volunteer organization. There is no question that this is key to our success and growth as a club. As one of the founders of Tri Gulf Coast, Charlie Knight was the very personification of the principles behind this award. When Charles passed away, TGC named the award in his honor. This award recognizes a TGC member who has gone above and beyond in their volunteer efforts to support our members.

Award winners, past and present:

  • 2016 – Amanda Longoria
  • 2015 – Kevin Swenson
  • 2014 – Lauren Clifford
  • 2013 – Nancy Brashears Clarke
  • 2012 – Robert de Varona
  • 2011 – Bill Evans
  • 2010 – Stan Adams



Tom Henderson Mentor of the Year Award

Kirwan Price presents the Mentor of the Year Award to Evan Malone

Since the focus of our Mere Mortals training program has been to support and encourage new triathletes as they are introduced to the sport, the club has added this award to recognize those volunteers who have gone out of their way to directly mentor and guide anyone who is looking for a little extra help and advice. The award was named in recognition of Tom Henderson for many years of service coordinating the Mere Mortals training group.

  • 2016 – Evan Malone
  • 2015 – Stan Adams