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  1. That will be right after the end of our Sunday Mere Mortals program, but we will have the Joe Zarzaur open water swim on the 28th. That’s held just north of the quietwater beach boardwalk next to key sailing at 6:30.

  2. Joining Tri Gulf coast is accomplished by clicking the “join” button on this page and registering as a member. There are no additional requirements.

  3. Hi there – I was interested in the ride and run at Pro Cycle and Tri this Sunday, and just realized that it is for the Tri Gulf Coast team. What are the requirements to join?

  4. Hi Terra! We have a $10 one week membership for folks who are just dropping in for a week, but honestly the $45 annual membership is cheaper if you plan to attend 5 weeks or more. Hope to see you out there!

  5. Hi I am a traveling PT and I’m only here till the end of Sept and wanted to be part of mere mortals on the weekends. I was wondering if I should sign up for tri gulf coast or if there was an easier way to do it. I’d love to be able to join you guys tomorrow possibly!

  6. Hello Jessica! Yes, you are welcome to join us! Due to the requirements of our event permits, you must join as a weekly member using the link on this page in order to participate in our Thursday open water swim and/or Mere Mortals training. Looking forward to seeing you!

  7. Hello! I’ve been looking for open water swimming since I moved to the area. I noticed you guys have swims on Thursdays. Can I check it out this Thursday?

  8. Hi Troy! If you happen to see this reply in time to make it, the Thursday “I Hate Open Water Swim” sessions are held at mommy beach, right next door to key sailing on Pensacola beach. We also have OW swims as part of every Mere Mortals workout on Sundays.

  9. So I have become completely hooked on Open water swimming. Are their members within your group that swim more frequently than just the morning IHOWS sessions? If I am able to join you tomorrow morning (23 June 16) where do you start?

  10. Hi Josh! While Mere Mortals does train for Tri, all of the elements of Du are part of the program, just with swimming added. And of course our group rides and runs occur monthly while we’re not doing Mere Mortals. If you want to practice the Run-to-bike T1 you can come to Mere Mortals once we’re doing all three disciplines and do a short run while we’re swimming, which would allow you to practice a complete Duathlon.

    Does that help to answer your questions?


  11. Hi,
    My wife and myself are looking for a group to train/sign up with for duathlons. Your group seems to train for triathlons mainly but do you offer anything for people interested in duathlons?
    Thanks Josh

  12. Hi Brett!

    If you join now, you’ll be a member all the way through 5/31/2017! That includes some fun events coming up over the next couple of weekends. Check out the calendar of events.



  13. I was going to join as a new member. Should I wait until May or go ahead and join now to cover thru May 2017?

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